"Covered By The Armor of God"

If you have any doubt about how powerful prayer is than you have come to the right place. The KRW family is made up of nothing but testimonies of how great God is and how prayer has changed things in our lives.  Everyone on this earth will experience challenges in their life and regardless of what you are going through or dealing with, chances are one of these brothers have gone through something similar and can relate to the pain and struggle. Unemployed with a family to take care of?  The death of a loved one?  Injured in an accident? Recovering from addiction?  Failed marriage? Broken relationship with your children? Sickness, pain or suffering in your body?  Thinking about ending your own life?  You name it, we've been there and still standing to tell the story of how God has brought us through.  Because God loves us so much he gave us the ability to communicate with him through prayer so we can bring all of our issues, hurts, pains and desires to God and He has the power to do all things if you trust Him and believe.  If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you feel all alone and don't think there is anyone who will understand what you're going through than you are in the right place.  KRW is a group of brothers who have learned we can pray our way through anything and God has covered us through it all and has allowed us to be a witness to His mighty power.  We know that whatever your circumstance there is one thing you must know to make it through... PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!   So whatever you do don't give up or give in... Just Keep PUSHing!  (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS)

        q:  Who Are the kingdom road warriors?

The Kingdom Road Warriors (KRW) are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who share the same love for God and motorcycles and hit the road as Warriors for Christ.  Founded by Chris "Q" Quinn in July of 2007, this mix of sport, cruiser and touring riders have served the Kingdom of God while enjoying the open road on 2 wheels.   Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for riders to live L.I.F.E (Love-Inspire-Fellowship-Explore).

This brotherhood of like-minded believers vow to Put On The Full Armor of God and serve God's people while we do what we love... Ride Motorcycles!!